If a person wants to take the COVID-19 screening test in one of the private centers authorized by the Ministry of Health, we recommend that you inform yourself before requesting this service, since the process is very different from a routine medical examination.

For your knowledge, we prepare these frequently asked questions so that you know about this process if you consider that you have symptoms of the coronavirus.

What is the test that they apply?

The test is called a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (polymerase is an enzyme capable of transcribing or replicating nucleic acids).

How is the COVID-19 test?

A patient suspected of having coronavirus is taken a nasopharyngeal discharge using a swab that is inserted through a nostril into the nasopharynx (the part of the pharynx that covers the palate).

The swab is quickly scraped or rotated and removed with the desired material for examination. The test takes several hours to process, and the result is displayed in 1 to 2 days.

Who can get tested for COVID-19?

The people who can be tested for COVID-19 are those who confirm that they are a suspect and have the VE01 ballot as a verification resource and a medical opinion with the basic information of the patient, the date of the consultation, background, summary of consultation, symptoms, epidemiological link.