Nose is one of the most important parts of a person’s face, and if it is not in shape, then it may make your beautiful face a little ugly. However, the good news is that with the help of Rhinoplasty surgery you can reshape your nose and bring it to the desirable form. Many people have tried this surgery that is now enjoying better looks. However, it is one of the most complex procedures in all the other cosmetic surgery procedures. It requires the surgeon to be knowledgeable, fit and experienced to be able to get the best results. However, the reshaping of the nose is usually related with the appearance and cosmetic purposes, but in some of the cases, it may also be related with fixing any bone problem or nose injury as well.

If you are about to attend a Rhinoplasty surgery, then you have to take a lot of pre and post care procedures so that you get the best result. The nose surgery is very crucial and should not go wrong by even a percent. There are many people asking for the tips on Rhinoplasty surgery, so we are here with the best Top 5 Rhinoplasty Tips for before and after Surgery.


Tips before the surgery

  1. Make sure that you discontinue the use of aspirin, vitamin E and herbal supplements at least two weeks before the surgery.
  2. As nicotine slows the healing process, you must give up smoking or intake of this product at least a month before surgery.
  3. You will not be able to drive after the surgery so make proper arrangements for your conveyance.
  4. Get all the prescriptions from the doctor, buy it all beforehand, and buy all the light foods like juices, etc. to consume later.
  5. Do not wear hairpins, wigs, jewelry, or hairpieces. Dress in loose and comfortable clothes. Do not wear tops, pullover, but go for the buttoned top instead.

Keep all the things in mind before going for the surgery and keep a checklist and check it on the day of surgery and make sure you have not missed anything.

Tips after surgery

  1. Make sure that you keep your head elevated even while sleeping to prevent swelling and bleeding.
  2. Eat all the light and soft foods. It is also recommended to have a low salt diet so that the fluid retention is minimized in the nasal strip.
  3. After undergoing a nose job or a Rhinoplasty surgery, make sure that you do not wear any glasses. If wearing the glasses is necessary then wear it in such a way that it does not insert pressure on your nose or even touch your nose.
  4. Have an adequate sleep as sleeping promotes faster healing and recovery.
  5. Prevent exposure to dust and extreme heat after several months of surgery to rule out all the chances of infection.

In the end, it could be said that follow the proper prescription of a doctor and keep in touch with him from time t time. Do not take any pain lightly and practice all the precautions for best results.