In the moments when you feel more emotionally charged by the emergency situation that COVID-19 represents, be it the case that you feel fatigued, stress, or pressure, is the relationship with your family affected?

The first thing that the major clinical psychologist suggests to us is to remember that one of the most important aspects is to give you care first, before the family or the patients themselves, so that they receive from you the healthiest and appropriate care.

In moments when you feel emotionally affected, it is necessary that you find refuge in your home to assist you and share with your loved ones.

However, in a situation like the one we were experiencing due to the anxiety and uncertainty generated by COVID-19 and added to that if you are working in the first line of defense, it is very common to ask yourself how you can find support in your family to cope in the best way this situation.

Likewise, for your protection and that of your family, it is necessary to clarify regarding the care you are taking and the ones that must be followed by them to avoid the spread of the disease.

A routine that includes a plan with the roles and responsibilities at home and consuming only truthful information and not excessive information regarding the crisis as a family are also suggested measures to manage your emotional burden and maintain your good relationship with your loved ones.