The Cost of Rhinoplasty Depends on What Kind of Rhinoplasty You Need

Are you having breathing problems as a result of deviated septum? Have you suffered facial trauma and now your nose is disfigured? Well, rhinoplasty is the right procedure to correct the problems above and much more.

It is quite common for people to confuse rhinoplasty as a single procedure able to resolve issues affecting your nose and face. Well, they are wrong. There are different types of rhinoplasty procedures performed by surgeons depending with the issue at hand. The big question is always how much does rhinoplasty cost. Well that depends on what kind of rhinoplasty we are talking.

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Here are the different types of rhinoplasty procedures.

  1. Nose Reduction Rhinoplasty

Are you ashamed of your large bulbous nose that seems to cover sizeable portion of your face? Would you love to see people concentrating on all your beauty traits rather than your large nose? Well, the right procedure for you is nose reduction surgery.

As the most common form of rhinoplasty, the procedure helps to make your nose proportional to the rest of your face. Problems that can be addressed using this procedure include:

-Elongated nose tip

-Presence of bumps on the nose bridge

-Excessively flared nostrils

Under nose reduction rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon will begin by removing cartilage around the affected area. This will help in reducing the size of your large nose. For excessively flared nostrils, the surgeon will perform an alar base reduction. In this case, the surgeon will create a wedge shaped incision allowing him or her to remove tissues close to where the nose meets the cheeks.

  1. Reconstructive rhinoplasty

If you have been in an accident and part of your nose has been lost, reconstructive rhinoplasty can help. A surgeon will start by rebuilding the nose using flap techniques, skin grafts and other methods. It is quite common to find surgeons making use of Goretex implants and cartilage to help restore the nose.

The implants are placed on the tip or the bridge of the nose and put together to ensure that it’s positioned well. Reconstructive rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery procedure which may require multiple surgeries over several months. Apart from researching on rhinoplasty Miami cost, seek the help of a skilled surgeon with extensive experience.

  1. Augmentation rhinoplasty

Enlarging one’s nose is a request you will rarely come across but there are patients who desire the enlargement of their nose. Patients with a small nose usually feel that it is not proportional to the rest of their face. By undergoing augmentation rhinoplasty, patients can have their nose increased.

Basically, the surgeon will perform tissue and bone grafting finally building up the tip and bridge of the nose. If the patient does not have enough tissue around the nasal area, the surgeon will extract the cartilage from the rib bone and other parts of the body.

If that is not enough, synthetic materials may be used.

Thanks to technology, surgeons can now use advanced computer software to create two or three dimensional projection of the end results.

  1. Post traumatic surgical rhinoplasty

Nose injuries are quite common especially if you are involved in active sports. In case of injury, the patient will experience massive bleeding on either side of the nasal septum. Due to the injuries, blood clots may accumulate. This will deprive the cartilage blood supply resulting in the death of the patient. In this case, the evacuation of the hematoma will be performed followed by post traumatic rhinoplasty.

The procedure will help to correct the functionality and appearance of the nose. It can also be used to straighten the nose and correct the nasal septum.

  1. Ethnic or exotic rhinoplasty

This procedure is designed for Asian, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Hispanic individuals. This is because the group above has softer nasal contours which calls for special care thus preserving the unique features of their noses.

In ethnic rhinoplasty, the surgeon employs special techniques to shape or change the cartilage. To accomplish this, the surgeon will use grafts from the patient’s tissues or may opt for synthetics. Apart from reshaping the nose of the patient, the surgeon will correct abnormalities contributing to breathing problems.

Final Thoughts

Interested in undergoing any of the above rhinoplasty procedures? Start by finding a skilled Miami surgeon with extensive experience. Ensure that the surgeon has been certified by the board. Make an appointment for free consultation and while there, discuss with the surgeon about rhinoplasty Miami cost options.