Cosmetic surgery is a costly yet most crucial process for those who wish to have a new look. Many people think that their nose is not perfect or wish to have beautiful lips, such people prefer cosmetic surgery.  One of the most preferred cosmetic surgeries is rhinoplasty. It is often known as nose surgery. The surgery is all about giving a new looking to your face by changing your nose angle or making it smaller or bigger. Since the operation is very common, hence one must know few things about this surgery.

So, if you are going to change the look of your nose then must know these things before opting for rhinoplasty.

Things to know before rhinoplasty surgery

Take out adequate time

After surgery, your nose will get swelling, and it will take few or more days to come to normal. Thus, it is important that you prefer going for surgery only when you have enough time to deal with the swelling. Don’t think that just after few hours of surgery you can go to an office and start working as earlier. Give some time for healing as you may end up spending 5-7 days to see your nose in normal look.

Plan for swelling and bruising

Different people experience different bruising and swelling. Don’t do much activity and keep the head elevated. Most of the swelling comes to the eyes. Apply cool gels or ice to treat the swelling. One can also go for homeopathic remedies to treat their swelling and bruising. Don’t wear glasses or put makeup, let your skin relax and heal naturally.


No exercise

Don’t go to a gym or do exercise for few weeks after surgery. It may increase your heart rate, and you’re bruising, and swelling will increase. So, relax for few weeks and don’t exercise.

What to expect

Patients will experience discomfort after surgery and swelling are common in all surgeries. Your bones may become stiff and do not move easily, don’t panic as it is normal. Wear a splint over the nose for a week to control swelling. You may require wearing new bandages for few days.

Not a cosmetic surgery

It is not only a cosmetic surgery, but it is also the procedure that deals with the preservation of nasal airway. In case of any breathing difficulties, one may prefer this surgery as it is also used to correct nasal airway.


How long will it take?

Your nose will look normal once splint is removed from your nose. In some case, it may take a year to get the final result. The significant amount of swelling is caused immediately after the surgery which will go in few weeks. Rest of the swelling may take few more weeks to get healed. It may take up to 4-6 weeks more. Be patient and relax as at the end you will get the desired result. The rest time may go up to 12 months if you have undergone the surgery for the first time. However, in subsequent surgery, it goes up to 15 months or more.

So, these were the things to know before going for rhinoplasty surgery.